• The Light Lounge

    Deep trance light experience for inner peace and consciousness exploration

  • The Experience

    Lying down under the light with your eyes closed, the light gently flickers, taking you into a deeper state of consciousness.


    The experience cannot be fully described, only experienced. It has been compared to journeying through the beauty of one's own inner consciousness.


    Many people on their return report seeing fractal patterns, sacred geometry, incredible colours and visions.

  • The Science

    The frequencies of the light programs have been specifically programmed to entrain the brain into deeper states of consciousness. Using an EEG monitor we can see increased brain wave patterns associated with creativity, intuition and deep relaxation. Photo-stimulation is for the first time is being combined with the latest technology to help us reconnect with our inner essence of peace and harmony.

  • Contact

    Please get in touch to arrange a session, event or to make a purchase.

    The Light Lounge operates from locations across the world and we have held events at wellness centres in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

    Currently in London, UK